Have you ever thought about your bucket list? Do you have Dreams and Goals you wish you could make a Reality? Taking Dance Lessons? Learning French? Getting Organized? Starting a Business? Finding a Fitness and Nutrition Plan that works for you? Taking an Art Class? Traveling to a Foreign Country? Well look no further!

Ray has designed a one of a kind Signature Bucket List Program to help you reach 3, 6 or 12 Life Goals over the course of a year. Ray has made it amazingly simple for you! You choose the Dreams!

We plan, organize and arrange all of those Dreams for you so they come to fruition! Still feeling timid? Not to worry! Ray will also assign a Bucket List Companion to accompany you on any of these adventures! Want to take Trapeze Lessons, but you don’t want to go alone? Its like having a best friend with you to accompany you and cheer you on!