The Ray of Solace Life Coaching Philosophy

The philosophy at Ray of Solace? I guess it’s simple. No matter what the issue I use a four word formula - nurture, heal, restore - and I believe the most powerful ingredient ✨Hope.

I believe the power of the word Hope cannot be contained. I believe life tries to drown Hope, to burn it, to box it up and put it away. But Hope is alive. Hope keeps swimming, hope never gets extinguished, hope keeps lifting it’s head and has a voice that can’t be shaken.

If I meet a client who has misplaced or lost their Hope- it’s my job to go on a journey with them, to travel far and wide no matter what the terrain, to walk each and every step with them until we come upon it. And when we do, its my responsibility to run to it with them, to help them pick it up no matter how evasive it seems , to place it in their arms and help them carry it close to their heart until it lives and breathes with them again. And when it becomes part of them again, part of each and every heartbeat...I gently let go.

At Ray of solace we cocoon you while you grow your wings. Hope is the key to our cocooning process.

Hope is magic. Hope has wings. Hope heals.
- Coach Ray