How many times in your life have you been told to drink more water? If you’re anything like me the number is incalculable. Most studies report that 75% of people in this country are chronically dehydrated. We clearly aren’t listening to the importance of water consumption. Lack of water causes daytime fatigue, difficulty in focusing and even short term memory loss. If that’s not enough to send you to the water fountain, consider this: Water composes 50 to 70% of the body’s composition. It helps to regulate digestion, remove toxins, and sustains cell health, all of which contribute to healthy glowing skin. It replenishes skin tissues and increases its elasticity. Elasticity means less signs of aging. Want to look younger? Drink more water!

But what are some other ways to hydrate the skin? Our nutrition plays a large part. Foods like cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, watermelon, etc all contain high amounts of water to help you hydrate.

In addition, aspects of our skincare routine can help to hydrate our skin. Exfoliation can remove dull lifeless skin, increasing your cell turnover and allowing your skin to absorb more moisture. Follow up your exfoliation with a serum full of humectants. What is a humectant? Humectants are skincare agents that help to retain and absorb moisture. A popular humectant on the scene right now is Hyaluronic Acid but you can also look for Glycerin and Sorbitol in your ingredient list. Finally, follow up with an occlusive moisturizer. Occlusive products are thick and lay on top of the skin to prevent water loss from the skin.


There you have it. In simple terms, eat and drink your water, and help your skin to absorb it with exfoliation. Then keep it there with a good protective moisturizer.