Most often when we talk to our clients about their skincare routine we find the same thing: they're all skipping a toner. And the question always is, is toner really important? Put simply, yes! Adding a toner to your routine is the simplest way to make a real impact on your skin. And here's why.

What even is a toner! 

A toner is a water based solution that serves several purposes. It removes excess dirt and grime, can act as a soothing or anti-inflammatory agent, and can reduce redness. But most importantly, a toner can act as a pH adjuster. That sounds complicated but it's really quite simple. Let us explain.

The pH of your skin: or how to keep your skin happy

 Cleansers and exfoliants are often alkaline products and can disrupt the natural pH of your skin. Since your skin is happy in a slightly acidic state (think 5.5 on the scale), it's important to restore these levels and balance out your skin's acid mantle. A toner is a quick and easy way to do this. This preps the skin and ensures its in the best state possible to absorb your serums and moisturizers. 

So many toners, so little time

How do you know which toner is right for you? For dry skin, use a "freshener." This type of toner has no alcohol and won't dry out your skin. For combination skin, a basic toner will do (witch hazel is a great option!) and for oily skin, reach for an astringent to combat that excess oil.

Try this simple step and get ready to see some results!