I just love a product that can single handedly solve all your problems don't you? Those miracle ingredients that are your one stop shop to all your healthcare needs. And while coconut oil and apple cider vinegar have had the market cornered as cure-alls for some time, they'll have to move over to make room for a new sheriff in town - the Strawberry. 

What can i say about strawberries? Let's start with the bad and get it out of the way. They are the dirtiest fruit you can buy. They rank among the highest in holding onto pesticides. So if you decide to purchase them, make sure to wash them thoroughly and maybe consider the organic route. 

That said, this fruit is definitely worth the struggle. Here are just five benefits of strawberries:

1. Antioxidant Powerhouses - these bad boys are full of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to help your body fight of free radical damage. 

2. Folic Acid for Days! High amounts of folic acid makes this fruit excellent at aiding in cell production and cell regeneration

3. Ellagic Acid - Ellagic Acid is amazing. You can be sure you will be hearing about it more in upcoming blog posts. There's nothing it doesn't do. It fights aging by preventing collagen destruction and aiding in UV protection and aids in reducing acne. 

4. Lighten and Brighten - Strawberries contain anthocyanin which can help to lighten the skin. Applying strawberries topically can fight dark spots and hyper-pigmentation

5. Abolish Acne - strawberries contain several AHA's which amongst other things aid in removing dead skin and tightening pores. To treat acne, mash strawberries and mix with honey and apply to cleansed face. THey can also be used topically to whiten your teeth! 

There you have it! Go buy some strawberries and solve all your problems!