There's nothing more relaxing than the feeling of warm steam heating your face during an esthetics treatment. But this machine accomplishes much more than soothe away our troubles! Here are five benefits of steaming your skin:

1. Releases Sinus and Congestion

2. Warms the Skin and Relaxes the tissue allowing for easier extractions

3. Stimulates circulation and softens debris

4. Some steamers emit ozone (atmospheric oxygen made up of 3 oxygen atoms) which produces an antiseptic effect. This is beneficial for acne prone skin

5. Steamers with attachment apparatus for essential oils can release aromatherapy for a variety of benefits

Steam Cautions: While this process can benefit your skin in numerous ways, too much steam can do more damage than good. Exercise caution using steam on sensitive or couperose (red and inflamed) skin and do not use steam for too long (not much more than 10 minutes is necessary) or too close to your face (15-18 inches is a good rule of thumb!)