My Pearl Product of the week is really more of a company of the week: DermaMed Solutions.  I recently received products from this awesome company and i'm in love.

Their skincare line is based on the concept of safe and effective. the entire skincare line is paraben, phalate, sulfate, and petroleum-free. They contain no harmful chemicals, preservatives or dyes. their secret is using the active ingredients from botanicals and blending them for highly effective anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and skin-protective benefits. 


That all sounds good but it doesn't mean much if you don't like the way the product interacts with your skin. If i was a little skeptical when i started, it didn't last long! I was pleasantly surprised by every aspect of their product line. Their batana-gel cleanser left my skin feeling fresh but not dried out. Their mandelic peel left my skin feeling refreshed but not irritated (seriously guys, i'm still using every last drop of the sample bottle of this stuff. I'm addicted!) Their clay mineral mask was effective and easy to remove! (gotta love a clay mask that doesn't require your entire towel closet to take off!)

I highly recommend this line as a safe and effective line for all skin types and plan on incorporating them into my own skincare routine.