It can take thousands of rose petals just to make one ounce of high quality rose oil. Are all these flowers dying in vain? There's a reason this expensive product has been around through the ages. This super ingredient has something for every skin type! Let's take a look at what it can do for you.

  • Oily Skin - Rose Water is naturally anti-bacterial and antiseptic whihc makes it great for oily skin
  • Sensitive Skin - Rose Oil's anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness. Perfect for those out there prone to couperose skin or rosacea. The aroma of this oil is also known for its calming effect on the mind and body
  • Dry Skin - For those of you with dry skin, Rose based products can help you lock in moisture! How so? Several studies have shown rose oil to stimulate keratinocyte differentiation. That's a complicated way of basically saying rose oil help sin cell turnover, or moving new cells up to the surface layers of your skin for a fresh hydrated look
  • Benefits for all - Roses are packed full of vitamin C to fight free radicals and can used as a natural toner due to it's astringent properties

Pearl Products: Try out Mario Badescu's Rosewater facial spray for a fresh look through out the day, Jurlique's Rose Water Balancing Mist to restore and hydrate or Pearl Essence Rosewater to even out the skin. Or check out my blog on some DIY Rose recipes you can make yourself!