Pearl Product of the Week: Trader Joe's Unsweetened Matcha Green Tea

The rumors are true. The Pearl gave up coffee 😭 As is true with any love story, my breakup with coffee has made for a rough couple of weeks. Staring longingly from a distance at my coffee pot, lingering past coffee shops just to breath in the scent. It's bad guys. 

But someone is definitely reaping the benefits of this tragedy: my skin! I've definitely noticed better vibrancy in my skin in the last couple of weeks so sadly I'm sticking with this separation.

How am I getting through? Trader Joe's Matcha Green Tea! I stumbled on it by accident and I'm in love! It's cheap, delicious (if you enjoy the taste of Matcha) and it gives me a caffeine boost without the messy and shaky side effects coffee gave me. 

Why is Matcha a great replacement? Here are four benefits that will have you running to your nearest Trader Joe's:

1️⃣ Its affordable - 1 cup of Matcha contains the same benefit as 10 cups of green tea!  You're benefiting your body and you're saving money. Win win!

2️⃣ L-Theanine means sustainable energy! Matcha contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that takes the caffeine entering your body and processes it to help you stay alert but calm - no jittery energy - just sustainable focus!  

3️⃣ Antioxidants for Days! - Depending on the grade, Matcha can contain up to 1573 ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) making one of the best sources of antioxidants in the world! 

4️⃣ Valuable Nutrients - Matcha contains a lot of other great stuff too like detoxifying fiber, pH balancing chlorophyll, vitamin A and Vitamin C

The facts are undeniable. Matcha is fantastic for you. I'm not saying I'll never end up on coffee's door step in the rain begging it to take me back. But in the meantime this Trader Joe's can of goodness is a welcome substitute!