Oh lavender, the universal oil. If you've been around the spa scene for any length of time you're probably more than a little sick of this essential oil. It's used everywhere peace and calming is the goal. So why is it still the king of oils? Quite simply because it is the KING OF OILS. Get ready guys I'm gonna drop some serious knowledge about these little purple strands of amazingness. 

First of all, it's been around forever. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans alike all used this miracle potions for a myriad of medicinal purposes. Several Queens of England were also known to drink it as a tea (so stereotypical England, come on) for migraines. 

Now let's get into the benefits. Here's the truly fascinating thing about Lavender. It can be used to both calm in small amounts and stimulate in larger amounts. It's truly universal. Here are just five things you can use lavender for: 

1. It's Analgesic (pain killing) properties make it great for relieving headaches and migraines

2. Its effects in the cerebrospinal nervous system can help with insomnia and stress

3. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make it fantastic for acneic skin

4. It Contributes to healing especially when combined with another healing agent like aloe or calendula

5. It acts as a pH adjuster to level out your skin and render it more susceptible to product

Seriously what can't this oil do? And, it's one of the few oils that can be used directly on the skin without a carrier making it super convenient. 

Go find some lavender fields guys. Or maybe just run to your nearest whole foods. Either way, don't give up on lavender. It's here to stay.