So you're sitting in a chair with a giant light glaring at you and you hear the following words, "Do you prefer hard wax or soft wax?" Suddenly you're experiencing a mild panic attack and restraining yourself from the urge to cut and run. What do you prefer? What is the difference? Is this something you should know? Are you going to look stupid to this complete and total stranger because you don't have a wax preference? You mutter an answer, hoping it's the right one, and feel utterly uncomfortable for the next 25 minutes of your life.

Don't despair, we've all been there. Every single one of us has completely lied our way through an esthetic procedure or another to save face. But rest assured, you'll never have to suffer through an awkward wax again. Because we're going to learn the difference right now! Strap in ladies, here we go! 

  • Soft Wax - Soft wax is often applied in a thin coat and removed immediately with a strip of material (such as pellon or muslin) The main benefit here is it's speed. It's quick application and removal mean you are out of that chair faster! The downside however is it adheres to the skin and thus can be irritating to sensitive skin. it can also cause ingrown hairs. For the skin that has a tendency towards redness or irritation, there's another option. 
  • Hard Wax - Hard wax may also be referred to as stripless or "no strip" wax. It's applied thicker, dries on it's own, and is removed once tacky. This wax is great for sensitive skin because it only adheres to the hair not the skin. The downside it is takes a lot longer due to the drying time before removal. 

So, which do you choose? The simple answer is both! If you are waxing a larger area such as your legs or arms, go for the soft wax. But if you are prone to irritation, choose the hard wax for areas like your brows, lip or bikini. 

There you have it. You never have to be intimidated by your Esthetician again! Walk proudly into that small brightly lit room and declare your wax preference with confidence!