Let's talk about our eyes people! They are our windows to the world. They can convey emotion, establish a connection, they present us to the world. And they can be a key to looking youthful and vibrant. Or they can make us look tired and rundown. Taking care of that delicate eye tissue is key. 

The skin around the eye is among the most delicate and thin on your body. That thin delicate skin is constantly exposed to the sun and irritants. This skin needs to be protected. One way to do that is with the use of an eye cream.

Though this is an oft neglected step, eye cream can be key in protecting and firmingthe skin around our eyes, decreasing puffiness, and reducing fine lines.

Why an eye cream? The question remains though, do you need an eye cream? Or can you simply use your facial moisturizer to take care of this skin? While a moisturizer can help, a targeted eye creamis usually thicker and contains specific products to target areas we may experience around our eyes. These ingredients may include hydrating hyaluronic acid, collagen boosting retinols, antioxidant boosting and repairing E and C or neuropeptides for more sensitive skin. 

What else can help keep your eyes vibrant and beautiful? Try a specific eye pack sheet mask! These can be great for a quick boost before an event. Or in a pinch, tea bags can act as a compress to revive the eye area! And when all else fails, color correcting concealer (think pink or salmon) can help cancel out dark circles and brighten up your face! 

Share with us? What's your go to products for eye care?