Our relationship with food is directly related to our relationship with our mother. Let that sink in for a moment. It explains a lot doesn’t it? Wherever we turn we get the same old messages about food and health. How we should eat, what to stay away from, it’s enough to make you crazy, not unlike our mothers (am I right ladies?)



So the question remains, how do we let go of all this information spinning around in our heads? How do we release our struggle with body image and have a normal, even great, relationship with food? It’s time for a fresh perspective, it’s time for a breakthrough.

Ray of Solace can help you to improve your relationship with food, regulate your macro-nutrient balance, change your thoughts and thus your metabolism, discover tools to combat emotional eating, fuel your digestion through mind, body techniques and much more.

How do you know if Eating Psychology is right for you? If you’ve ever struggled with over-eating, felt tired with dieting, or felt like you were in a battle with how your body looks, eating psychology might be the answer.


How we eat is a reflection of how we live. It’s time to start eating right and living better. Contact Ray of Solace for more information on starting fresh with food.


And for all of you businesses out there, host Ray of Solace for an Eating Psychology Seminar and inspire your clients to improve their relationship with food.