Last week we talked about the benefits of adding rose products into your routine. This week we'll discuss some ways to do just that! First things first, the antioxidant value in a rose comes from its pigment. So the darker the rose the greater the value. Try out these recipes for a happier complexion. 

  • Rose Water Toner - Take the petals from several organic roses and rinse them off to remove an excess residue. Put them in a sauce pot and fill it with distilled water until they are covered. Bring the petals to a boil and then simmer for thirty minutes. Let the liquid cool and then add in 1 part witch hazel to 2 parts rose water. Add your favorite essential oil, pour into a spray bottle, and mist away!
  • Rose Moisture Bar - In a double boiler, liquify 1 cup coconut oil, 1/2 cup shea butter, and 1 cup beeswax. Take off the heat and mix in several drops of Rose essential oil. Pour into silicone molds until they take on the solid shape (this may take several hours, but you can pop them in the fridge to speed up the process.) Pearl Tip! Add rose petals to the bottom of the silicone mold before pouring in the liquid and they will settle into the bar once solid. Your friends will think you work in Lush Cosmetics!
  • Calming Rose and Lavender Bath - Mix together rose petals and fresh lavender in a mesh bag and let steep in a warm bath for five minutes. Add drops of lavender and rose essential oil directly into the water for added benefit. Relax your troubles away!  

There you have it! Three steps to having a glowing rosy complexion!