Fun fact time! Ever wonder what those little color wheel concealers are for? Here's a basic explanation for you all! 

Mastering the art of concealer all has to do with the color wheel! The basic rule is this: colors directly across from each other cancel each other out. Use the opposite color and your imperfections will disappear! How do you know which color to use? Here's a cheat sheet: 

💗 - Peach is your go to color for covering over under eye dark circles

💚- Green, directly across from red, is perfect for covering over redness and acne

💜 - Lavender cancels out sallow (yellow) skin to create a brighter even tone 

❤️ - Red/Orange is great for canceling out darker circles and hyperpigmentation in darker skin tones 

There you have it! Grab a color correcting concealer and create some flawless skin!

Share with us! Which colors do you prefer?