Many of us take great care in choosing our makeup. We pick out brands that will benefit our skin and won’t clog our pores and will sacrifice great amounts of money to do so. Yet, we may be going through this process for nothing if we’re missing one very important step: cleaning our makeup brushes. Read on for a go to guide to the ins and outs of this skincare necessity.


Why Clean your Makeup Brushes? The most important reason to clean your makeup brushes is acne prevention. Our brushes are collecting dirt, dead skin and oil from our face every time we use them. Thinking about all that gunk sitting on your makeup brushes waiting to be reapplied to your face  and clog your pores is enough to make any one toss all their brushes! But that’s not the only reason to clean them. Cleaning your brushes also means better application each time you use them, it keeps them softer so they are less irritating to your face, and those expensive brushes will last longer with the right care. There have even been reports of bugs nesting in dirty beauty blenders!! Ladies seriously, wash your brushes.

Now that we know we need to clean them, the question remains, how do we do it

Here are three ways we recommend to clean your brushes

makeup mat.jpg
  1. Baby Soap – Regular soap can dry out your bristles and shorten their lifespan. Baby soap not only cleans but softens and conditions your brushes. Simply run under lukewarm water and massage soap into the bristles, then rinse thoroughly. Make sure to keep the handles as dry as possible or you may end up deteriorating the glue that holds your brushes together.
  2. Silicone Ribbed Cleaning Mat. These babies are genius! The textures surface clears away all dirt and debris from your brushes. Use with a gentle soap for the best results and then rinse your brushes under running water. Make sure to clean your mat after each use so bacteria doesn’t build up


  1. Daily Cleaning with a Spray – The above two methods can be done every 1-2 weeks to prevent buildup. But a quick method to keep bacteria at bay is the Spray cleaner. After use, spray your brushes down then wipe on a clean cloth.

There you have it! Your go to guide to clean brushes and clean skin!