Citrus fruits are delicious, beautiful, and smell like summer. But here's a question for you: What are the benefits for your skin? Let's take a look! 


  • Internal Benefits - Adding more citrus fruits into your diet can up your intake of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. This diminishes free radicals in your body which cause damage to our cellular structure. They also contain large amounts of folic acid, a helper in balancing our electrolytes. This means added hydration to dehydrated lifeless skin. 
  • Topical Benefits - Citrus fruits are the source of a powerful chemical AHA - Citric Acid. What doe sit do? Citric Acid is an exfoliant that stimulates cell turnover. This may seem complicated but the conclusion is a brighter complexion and improved look of dull skin. It can also help to diminish pigmentation problems by loosening the top layer of the skin. 
  • Benefits for the Mind - Applying oils topically or diffusing them can have several effects on our body - citrus in particular can promote positivity, energy and renewal. 

However you decide to use citrus in your life, it is sure to bring benefits!