At this point in our lives, we all know the word antioxidant. It's been drilled into our minds for years now that these helpful little flavonoids can keep us young and healthy. And we happily drink our green tea and eat our fruit and pat ourselves on the back for taking such good care of ourselves. But, how much do you know about anthocyanin? Let's take a little time to learn about this important compound!

Anthocyanins are flavonoid pigments found in many fruits and vegetables. They are responsible for the bright red to blue pigment of many of our favorite foods. But they do a lot more than simply put the blue in blueberry. These little guys have loads of benefits for our body. Let's discuss 3:

1️⃣ neutralize cell damage. As they fall into the antioxidant family, these molecules are essential for fighting off the cancer causing, skin aging, wrinkle inducing free radicals we all know and hate 

2️⃣ anti-inflammatory - inflammation in your body effects many aspects of your day to day life including the health of your skin. A regular intake of anthocyanin rich foods can help reduce this inflammation 

3️⃣ Induce Vasorelaxation. Vasorelaxation is a reduction in tension in the blood vessel walls. Thus anthocyanin can aid in better circulation which continually detoxes our skin and produces an overall better complexion 

Foods high in anthocyanin include cherries (as seen in our picture), blueberries, blackberries, purple grapes, red wine (yay!) eggplant, purple asparagus, red cabbage, pomegranates and the list goes on! 

Add some of these foods into your diet and see what kind of results you get!