Have you seen the latest trend hitting your Instagram feed? Charcoal Lattes!

Move over Matcha and Turmeric lattes, charcoal is the new hipster latte of choice. But while Turmeric and Matcha have proven to have some serious health benefits, can we say the same about this newest trend? It may actually be doing you more harm than good! Read on to find out the skinny before you try it.



The Claim: Activated charcoal is often used in the treatment of poisoning or overdose. Why? Because it binds to chemicals in your body and removes them from the gut, reducing absorption. The theory then is regularly ingesting charcoal can purge toxins from your body.


The Downside: In addition to draining some money from your wallet, you may be leeching some beneficial nutrients out of your body. According to one dietitian, Michelle McGuiness, activated charcoal may be more detrimental than beneficial. “Activated charcoal is non-discriminative and therefore can remove beneficial nutrients or even more critically, medications. Anyone who takes medication should avoid the consumption of activated charcoal."

A Pearl’s Opinion: Definitely investigate before you buy. If you’re not on meds, give it a try! Get a good photo for your profile and a story to tell your coworkers. But be cautious about making this trend a regular part of your routine!!

How to Safely use Charcoal: Skip the latte, and make it a mask! Using activated charcoal topically can pull toxins and impurities from the skin. It’s great for oily to combination skin types!